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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

How to Make a Video

More than one million people call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline this year. Someone may call because she feels completely alone, another may call because he has nowhere else to turn. Some will call for their friends or family, and others will call for themselves. Each person who calls has a unique story and reason to call.

Take a few minutes to make a video telling people why they should call the Lifeline. You may just save a life.

How do I make a video?

It’s super easy to make a video. You just need a camera that can record video such as a web cam or a smart phone video camera.

Look straight into the camera and say your first name and share a reason you might call the Lifeline. You can also talk about why you would encourage someone else to call. Anything that will help people understand that suicide is preventable works for us.

Your video should be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

How do I share my video?

There are two ways to share your video:

1. Upload the video to YouTube and use the title “Reasons to Call” and include your name and/or location. For example, “Reasons to Call: Ashley from Brooklyn”. Use the tag “National Suicide Prevention Lifeline” to make it easy for people to find your video.

2. You can also e-mail the video file as an attachment (.mov, .avi, .mpeg, or .wmv) to [email protected].

Is anything off-limits?

Please don’t describe a suicide attempt or explain the specific way someone killed themselves. Try not to idealize suicide by saying that your loved one who died by suicide is in a better place or no longer in pain.