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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

There is something we all can do to prevent suicide. Promoting meaningful, caring connections with each other--in even the smallest of ways--has been shown to be a major factor in preventing suicide. 

We're asking you, our incredibly supportive Lifeline community, to answer the following: What will you do to help your loved ones who may be struggling?

Shoot a SHORT (15-30 seconds) video, record the message below (with your own personal twist) and hashtag it #suicideispreventable #800273TALK #LETITOUT. Then share this video with your friends, family and community on Facebook, and help them feel connected while they're going through tough times. 


"Hey friends! I want to let everyone know that suicide IS preventable. Here's my promise to you: I will always {Listen}/{Talk it out}/{Be a trusted friend}/{FILL IN}. Talk to me if you're in crisis. The Lifeline is there for you and so am I."

#800273TALK #suicideispreventable #LETITOUT 



How do I share my video?

There are two ways to share your video:

1. Upload the video to your Facebook page and use the hashtag #suicideispreventable and #800273TALK so we can find your video in case we want to share with the Lifeline Community. (Please see guidelines below)

2. You can also e-mail the video file as an attachment (.mov, .avi, .mpeg, or .wmv) to  [email protected]

If you want the Lifeline to share your video:

We will be looking to share videos that are positive and expressing how you will help a friend. Videos that are brief, with good lighting and do not include a harmful message have the best chance to be shared by the Lifeline.

These videos are about what we each can do to help our loved ones struggling through hard times, rather than focusing on the impact of suicide -- videos should be a positive message. 

Please don’t describe a suicide attempt or discuss methods of suicide. Please do not idealize suicide by saying that your loved one who died by suicide is in a better place or no longer in pain. In addition, do not talk about the devastating impact of suicide.

Videos with profanity will not be shared by the Lifeline. The Lifeline reserves the right to use your video at our discretion.