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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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What You Can Do To Help End Bullying

While bullying doesn’t cause suicide, a stressful environment and persistent, emotional victimization can increase a person’s risk of suicide. Together, we can create awareness about the dangers of bullying and give emotional support to those who may be contemplating suicide. If you or someone you know is in an emotional distress or suicidal crisis, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

What You Need to Know About Bullying

Bullying is a significant public health problem -- between 20% and 56% of young people are involved in bullying annually.

Verbal bullying tends to be more prevalent than physical or cyber-bullying and some specific groups are more likely to be victimized. For example, according to studies, bullying victimization is more prevalent upon lesbian and gay youth, than heterosexual youth.

Learn more about bullying, as well as the connections between bullying behaviors and suicide-related behaviors here.

You can also learn more about who is at risk for bullying, and how to stay alert for warning signs.

Starting a Conversation

If you're worried a child you know is being bullied, open up the conversation. We all have a role we can play in preventing bullying. Explore these tips to help you begin the conversation.

Download the App

If you need help starting a conversation with your child, download the KnowBullying app -- it will help guide you through bullying prevention and awareness, and give you tips to get you started talking. 

Prevention in Schools

The best way to prevent bullying is to stop it before it begins. Take these steps and learn how to stay aware of the potential for bullying behavior in schools. 

Watch a True Story of a Bullied Teen

Shania, a former varsity cheerleader, talks about the time she was afraid to go to school. Her story shows how reaching out for help and talking to a trusted adult can lighten depression.

Learn More About Bullying

Together we can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy. Packed with tools and resources, will arm you with information so you can prevent bullying no matter where you see it taking place.

Suicide in a school is tremendously sad, often unexpected, and can leave a community with many uncertainties about what to do next. This toolkit gives teachers and administrators practical tools and advice to help manage the situation in the aftermath of a suicide.